What My Customers Say

Dave C.

...Coach Rich not only calmed me down during the break up, I felt so much better after becoming aware of what happened and how to fix some of the things that I was doing. He gave me an immediate plan of action and told me exactly what to do immediately to repair the damage. His insight and his Trifecta system gave me the confidence to move forward and move towards my goal of reattracting my ex. I’m convinced that because I followed the system and plan I got my ex back. My girlfriend and I are now back together and have a better relationship than before. To think it was only three simple steps! Thanks to Coach Rich walking me step by step and coaching me through the Hurricane already in motion I weathered the storm! Thanks a million Coach Rich!!!

Caroline P.

...I would have never been able to get my ex back if it wasn’t for Coach Rich! He knew exactly what to do and coached me through the whole process step by step. If you follow what he says and his 3 step system you too can get your ex back even if you feel it’s impossible and there is no hope for your situation! Have faith, stay positive, follow the plan and do what he says and you too can get your ex back.

Melanie S.

...Coach Rich showed me how to weather the storm already in motion and how to raise my attraction and value which turned things around almost immediately. I realized how I was using controlling manipulative tactactics to keep my ex in the relationship resulting in me smothering my ex. I realized that almost all of the stuff on the internet is manipulation and a quick temporary fix that ultimately made my situation worse. Those other tactics don’t work and you’ll just waste your time and money. I was able to re-attract my ex and decide if I want to be with him again! He began chasing me. Thanks Coach Rich!


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