You will start with an analysis of what happened along with a Q&A session. Then we'll move into one on one Coaching to create a plan tailored to your specific situation. I will tell you what really works and how not to waste your time and money on manipulative controlling schemes you find on the internet to reattract your ex.  Most if not all of those tactics don’t work. It’s so IMPORTANT to understand that either way there is only one route to getting them back, keeping them and if you want them to feel what you went through. Your attraction and value needs to go up, they have to mourn and regret the break-up and you have to become their perceived best option and they have to fear losing you for good. I’ll show you and teach you exactly what to do and the beauty is that Time and Space are on your side. They are the necessary ingredients to weather the storm already set in motion and to become aware of the issues, fix the problems that existed, make them regret what they did and then get your ex back. 

Don’t believe those percentage or probability numbers that are somehow “calculated” and given to you from a series of questions! Those numbers are not accurate nor are they factual. In most cases, you have a very good chance of getting your ex back if you follow what I teach. I have experienced it and I've done it myself while making all of the mistakes including anger. I’m now living that happy joyful life with my once Ex and now a new and improved relationship!

DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY AND TIME!!! These manipulative and controlling tactics absolutely do not work and may push your ex further away potentially into the arms of someone else and it makes the breakup much easier for them when they don’t miss you or mourn the breakup!

Ø  Good reminder txts

Ø  Good reminder phone calls

Ø  Hand written letters or any letter

Ø  Creative emails or sharing what you have learned

Ø  Convincing and reasoning

Ø  Using guilt to keep them in the relationship especially when kids are involved

None of these will work and may not only push them away but again may make the break up easier for them and easier to move on!  It may seem counterintuitive but the way to FIGHT for your Ex and for them to feel what you went through is simple but may be difficult to execute because of anxiety and the fear that you will lose them but the opposite will happen, they will consider coming back to you.  Once you give them the breakup, you can bring them close again and thinking about coming back if you do these 3 things:

  1. Time
  2. Space
  3. Work and focus on yourself while eliminating the Generation Curse

That’s it and I'll Coach you how to implement these three ingredients step by step along with coming up with a plan customized to your unique situation.  I KNOW YOU THINK YOUR SITUATION IS DIFFERENT AND HOPELESS! IT’S NOT!! However, it’s normal you feel that way but I’m telling you that most have good chance of reattracting their Ex once they feel the loss if you do what I say no matter what you have already done!  Again, I made all of the classic mistakes and of course I too thought my Ex and situation was different but I still got her back and it works across the board if you just follow what I teach and follow your tailored plan!

SET UP A COACHING SESSION NOW! Let’s create the plan you need to get your Ex back! IT ALL STARTS WITH YOU!

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