About Coach Rich

After over 20 years of training in human behavior and experience with creating and maintaining long term relationships as a career, I still found myself having a hard time with my personal romantic relationships. I didn’t know why but it was because of the underlying anxiety I struggled with my whole life.  I unconsciously was making poor decisions with my personal relationships and it almost always destroyed my romantic relationships. I couldn’t enjoy the moment and my romantic relationships always stopped being FUN and PLAYFUL! Because of my abandonment issues, breakups were absolutely horrible and painful especially when I was the one broken up with and because of my anxiety I handled breakups with anger which only validated that my ex made the right decision. I didn’t know how to soothe my own anxiety so unconsciously I used manipulative and controlling tactics to control my partner to prevent me from being abandoned but of course it made things worse.  I was very successful making seven figures and I felt like I was on top of the world. Then the perfect storm hit where I had major personal losses and I felt like a dead man walking.

I’ve had many relationships but this particular breakup was during the lowest point of my life.  I was in a crisis unaware of why she left, what I did wrong and what to do to get her back. I desperately wanted to speak to someone but couldn’t speak to a professional because there wasn’t anyone I could call in real-time to give me great advice and hold my hand through the storm and most therapists do not specialize in breakups and don’t know how to handle the crisis. I was desperate and needed someone to tell me exactly what to do so that my behavior during and after the breakup didn’t ruin my chances of getting her back. I needed a real plan tailored to my specific situation. Of course, I didn’t find anything until I made all the classic mistakes and those people I did find, I had to schedule a session a week away at very high prices where I could only afford one session. So what did I do, I asked my friends, family but they gave me the worst advice which made things much worse.  The information on the internet was terrible, manipulative and controlling and only made things worse like good reminder txts and phone calls, sending a handwritten letter and waiting a specific amount of time to reach out and none of that worked. These tactics actually make things worse and pushes your partner further away and makes the break-up easier for them. I made all of the mistakes, especially the worst one, ANGER!  My separation anxiety was off the chart! It was so out of character for me but when you’re at your lowest point in your life, that’s when you are tested and all of your insecurities surface. That’s the only good part of the story, I realized that my money and success covered up all of my deep rooted issues that I needed to resolve to become the strong confident secure man of high value who doesn’t need or seek validation from others.

At that moment, I realized that we all need someone who is trained and experienced in breakups and human behavior that you can call in real-time and will not only hold your hand through the crisis but will tell you what to do step by step.  That's when I began Coacing my Trifecta System so that people going through a break-up have an experienced objective expert to contact who can get you through this very painful traumatic time without making all the mistakes that may hurt your chances to get your ex back. I know from training and first had experience what to do and most importantly what not to do along with mapping out a plan tailored to your specific situation. I re-attracted my ex despite all of my terrible behavior.  I know it works and it can work for you!  Again, even though you think it will never happen for you most have a good chance of getting your ex back no matter how hopeless your situation looks if you just trust me, become aware of what made your attraction and value drop and follow what I Coach to get your ex back!

Don’t make all the mistakes I did and if you already have, don’t worry schedule a session with me so I can get you through this difficult time and get your ex back. I’ve got your back!

It all starts with you!

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